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Business Integration Platform


The digital transformation is not a singular event but a continuous process.
The AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK and TRANSCONNECT® enable you to link people and markets to your processes, data, and systems – for lasting success.

Did you know…

… that an integration platform is a decisive factor for your organization’s ongoing success?

Read about recommended functionality and important aspects to consider when choosing your  integration platform. 

… that digitalization requires a continuous process and a suitable methodology?

Read about typical first steps and how to make the continuous digital transformation part of your organization’s DNA.

… that the integration platform TRANSCONNECT® supports you with low-code to full-code solutions for all your digital challenges?

Read about the benefits of using the low-code integration platform TRANSCONNECT® for your projects.  

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Integration platforms

Recommended functionality and important aspects to consider

The low-code integration platform TRANSCONNECT® allows you to connect your applications’ interfaces and to map your business processes across systems, sites, and organizations – with transactional security, speed, and no need for any code. An integration platform ensures high flexibility and performance of your complete IT infrastructure.

Agile Integration Framework

Digitalization without delays requires the right methodology

Continuous digital transformation instead of a big bang!
With our AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK, you will steadily generate measurable value without losing sight of the bigger picture. Whether you roll out an AI solution, implement a master data management platform, or consolidate the ERP systems of multiple sites – the framework will keep you on track no matter the complexity of your integration project.


Data consistency from shop floor to top floor

No code. Low code. Full code.
With TRANSCONNECT®, you decide what is best for your organization and business processes. TRANSCONNECT® offers a full range of solutions – from graphical modeling to programming your own plug-ins. And so much more …

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Integration Guide

Over the course of more than 20 years, we have successfully implemented and managed a large variety of integration projects. And now you can benefit from our wealth of experience as well – with our detailed integration guide.

Each integration project should consider current changes but must not try to quench each “operational fire.” Never losing sight of your organization’s overall objectives will ensure your long-term success.

By executing your integration vision with the help of TRANSCONNECT®, you will streamline your IT environment and create a solid foundation for the future. In particular, TRANSCONNECT® will help you tackle emerging IT challenges imposed by digitalization trends in manufacturing and administration as well as by the Industrial IoT.