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Challenges in manufacturing

SmartIndustry promises a batch size of 1 at the unit costs of mass production. The product seeks its way through the production process.


  • Availability of information anytime and anywhere
  • Comprehensive and automatic coordination of information flows


  • Alignment with product life cycle
  • Horizontal and vertical integration of data, systems, and processes
  • Traceability of information flows and monitoring
  • Non-disruptive maintenance and further development
  • Real-time data transfer and data conversion

With or without an integration platform?

Status quo:

These days, most applications offer interfaces, react to queries, provide data, and implement certain functionality.

  • These interfaces won’t connect by themselves, and often they aren’t compatible at all!
  • Specialized interfaces are expensive and proprietary solutions.
  • Interfaces are often connected directly.

Spaghetti chaos

These challenges and issues lead to undesirable results:

  • so-called spaghetti integration,
  • unserviceable connectionsbetween critical systems,
  • exponentially increasing interface costs,
  • a complicated IT landscape that slows down all digitalization projects,
  • complex vendor dependencies that will permanently restrict your flexibility.

The solution: Use the TRANSCONNECT® IIOT integration platform to your advantage!

With TRANSCONNECT ® IIoT you can…

  • …make your interfaces accessible and connect your systems in a replicable manner.
  • … ensure a well-coordinated and transparent exchange of information between your systems.
  • … digitalize and automate your processes in a future-proof way.
  • … scale your business operations.
  • … improve your responsiveness in case of changes and new requirements.
  • … be confident of your ability to react swiftly to market changes and crises.
  • And best of all: You and your colleagues retain full control over the implementation.


  • Protocol translation between a multitude of different systems
  • Data consistency and transaction integrity across all systems
  • 24×7 monitoring across all data connections and processes
  • Fault tolerance and restart capability
  • Integration of components even outside of manufacturing into your production workflows

With TRANSCONNECT® IIOT, you’re in full control of your interfaces and systems!

Autonomously connect various interfaces of your manufacturing facilities –
from shop-floor sensors to top-floor business applications.

Practical implementation

Using our live demo system as an example, we show you how to successfully optimize processes of your existing systems via retrofitting and end-to-end data integration.

Possible use cases


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