Professors, scientists, industry representatives and specialist reporters form the top-class expert jury of the Initiative Mittelstand, a German interest group representing IT companies in the SME sector. The jury awards innovative products, which are suitable for SMEs, with the IT Innovation Prize in 40 different categories.

Due to the large number of submitted products, in addition to the prizes that had already been awarded, ‘Initiative Mittelstand’ awarded the 2008 Innovation Prize in the corresponding category to other innovative products and solutions of particular interest to SMEs. Our product “TRANSCONNECT®” received one of few awards in the DMS/Data Management category.

In 2015, the technological quality and innovative strength of “TRANSCONNECT®” was once again recognized by the initiative Mittelstand in the field of industry software. It is thus counted among the BEST OF solutions of the 2015 IT Innovation Prize.

In 2016, the product “TRANSCONNECT®“, with all its innovations, was presented again to the jury of the IT Innovation Prize. It received the BEST OF award in the DMS/Data Management category. This was the fifth time that the integration solution by SQL Projekt AG was acknowledged as an innovative product for SMEs.