Digital twin

With continuous transparency to
optimal capacity utilization!

Production stands on one line of a manufacturing company. Manufactured intermediate products accumulate at a workstation. The station workers look at the motionless robot that feeds intermediate products to the next station for further processing. “The colleagues over there have a problem?”, Think the workers.

Only now is it recognized together with the colleagues that the robot is defective. Production downtimes like this can be avoided – with one digital twin .

A digital twin is a completely digital image of a machine or system over all phases of life. The individual states of these machines and systems are digitally recorded and combined with all relevant information from the surrounding systems to form a consistently consistent state image.

Everyday problems in production companies are:

  • insufficient utilization of the machines, systems and employees,
  • too high unit costs due to increased resource, material and wage costs,
  • unnecessary downtime due to lack of transparency in the processes,
  • inefficient processes due to distributed and inconsistent information.


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Digital twin with TRANSCONNECT ® :

TRANSCONNECT ® as a central data hub offers the ideal conditions for mapping digital twins. Based on more than 300 different adapters, TRANSCONNECT ® the data from the shop floor (machines, IoT-capable measuring devices, MES, etc.) with the information from the topfloor (ERP, web shops, document management, etc.), historizes them and thus creates a holistic, consistent status image that covers all phases of the Includes machines and systems.

By means of continuous transparency and uniform access points to consistent information and data stocks, bottlenecks, failures and free capacities can be identified more quickly, the utilization optimized and thus the unit costs reduced.

With TRANSCONNECT ® implement your digital twin in compliance with the standards with the I4.0 administration shell.

TRANSCONNECT ® always has the correct answers to questions about production progress, capacity utilization and production costs.
Bottlenecks, failures and free capacities are recognized more quickly, utilization is optimized and unit costs are reduced.

All necessary documents, the entire history as well as statements on the degree of utilization, maintenance measures carried out and the
current load are available centrally. In the event of a fault, downtimes are reduced to a minimum.

Thanks to the low-code development environment, orchestration and built-in documentation generator, there is always order
Clarity in all processes. Your IT specialists can carry out further developments independently at any time.

With this end-to-end transparency on a professional and technical level, optimization potentials are continuously recognized and
can be released immediately. Away from operational fire extinguishing – towards strategic foresight!



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That’s why TRANSCONNECT ® :

Self-made individual solutions using databases and a large number of maintenance-intensive scripts quickly lead to a cost trap.

Most platform approaches are primarily geared towards the shop floor, which means that the topfloor or
Even customer or manufacturer systems then require individual scripting solutions.

Development projects based on cloud-based IIoT hubs and frameworks involve uncertainties
data sovereignty and future costs.

Only with TRANSCONNECT ® build a bridge between the shop floor and the topfloor to a consistently consistent state of the art. The platform integrates seamlessly into the existing IT system landscape – in the public cloud via Azure or AWS, in the private cloud in your own data center or in the edge very close to the machine – and in any combination.

That’s what TRANSCONNECT brings ® as a configurable platform product
for the operation of a company-critical platform with:

… technical monitoring for a transparent overview of all data flows within the IT landscape

… Transaction security for data consistency across multiple IT systems

… configurable warnings for notification of various events

… High availability options for the guaranteed delivery of all messages, especially in critical infrastructures

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Requirements for the implementation of a Digital twin:

You know the needs of your customers, partners and suppliers.

A digital twin addresses these and creates added value.

Your corporate strategy focuses on digitization.

A digital twin pays for the achievement of goals.

All information is accessible through interfaces. Relevant processes are already automated.


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One step at a time – the main thing is to start!

Your first step is one individual POSITIONING for a common overall understanding of the initial situation, the desired state and the current pain points. This results in strategic options for action, which you evaluate as you proceed.

The methodical and consistent alignment to your specific business processes in the context of strategy and market is the central element of the NAVIGATION WORKSHOP The result is a prioritized digitization roadmap, divided into clear benefit increments with which productive use is possible at an early stage. This is how you get the most out of your IT investments.

Stay tuned: that AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK combines the elements POSITIONSDESTUNG, NAVIGATIONSWORKSHOP, METHODIKWORKSHOP and integration guide into an iterative process model for a continuous digital transformation. In this way, you can always navigate safely even through regularly changing framework conditions.

Methodology and technology interlock as precisely as the AGILE INTEGRATION FRAMEWORK and TRANSCONNECT ® , a tangible benefit is quickly delivered in integration and IIoT projects of any complexity and implemented with lasting success.


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