Since the end of November 2018, the new version 2.3.2 of our integration server TRANSCONNECT® is available.

Among other things, the new release includes the following features and enhancements:

  • New SNMP adapter for reading information from technical devices, e.g. Toner level or sheet count of printers.
  • New OFTP 2.0 adapter for the bidirectional exchange of files acc. recommendation of the VDA.
  • The email adapter now also supports IMAP and Exchange web service.
  • The web service adapter now also supports authentication via security token service via client certificates.
  • There are many improvements and new activities in the process editor, e.g. for the conversion of CSV, ASCII, JSON and others.
  • References to X509 certificates from communication partners are now automatically renewed.
  • the connection type for adapters can now be changed.
  • Update the JDK / JRE to version 8u192

You want to download the current version of TRANSCONNECT®?
Then please contact our supportteam.