Process Editor

  • Size of process description customizable


    Figure 1 – Resizing the process description

  • Zoom function


    Figure 2 – Zoom function

  • it’s now possible to insert elements before marked elements (keep Alt-key pressed during drag & drop)
  • Activity Variable Assignment now also allows specification of the data type for the result variable


    Figure 3 – Specification of the data type for the result variable

  • New Activity: Multi-Merge concatenates as many messages as you like


    Figure 4 – Message chaining thanks to multi-merge

  • when selecting elements in outline view, the editor scrolls to make the selection visible
  • when having a process error, you can jump to the first error element while saving


    Figure 5 – Jump to the first error element

  • New workflow activities for format conversion: ASCII, CSV, Base64, Archive (ZIP & Co.), XML attachments

    Figure 6


    Figure 7 – New workflow activities for format conversion

  • Improvement of Process Editor / Properties: Variables can be integrated into texts (via Content Assist); not only text variables are supported


    Figure 8 – Variables can now be incorporated in texts in many places (via Content Assist)

  • Server Improvement: If during long-running processing (adapter-) connection time outs occur, a new connection is automatically created and processing continues (if there are no open transactions with these adapters)

New: SNMP adapter

  • Central monitoring of network elements, such as: printers, routers
  • Reading information (snmpwalk), for example: toner level, sheet counter, etc.
  • Management Information Base (MIB) with over 300 definitions of the organizations IANA, TUBS, IETF
  • Version 1, 2c, 3 (encrypted)

New: Odette File Transfer Protocol (OFTP) 2.0 Adapter

  • Bidirectional file transfer acc. recommendation of the VDA
  • Professional and technical receipt
  • Transport encryption (TLS)
  • Authentication with certificates
  • Signing
  • Compression
  • Content encryption

Other adapters

  • E-Mail adapter: new connection types IMAP and Exchange Web Service (EWS), new timeout properties
  • Web Service Adapter: new connection type “STS Certificate”
  • TRANSCONNECT® SOAP Client Interface now also accepts BASIC HTTP Authentication

Other innovations

  • Automatic renewal of certificates, notification before expiry
  • New feature in manager: connection types of adapters can be changed in the adapter editor.


    Figure 9 – Connection types of adapters can be changed in the adapter editor

  • New scheduled standard tasks are automatically added to the list of available tasks, after an update of the resource (sampletasks.jar)
  • XML Template Database Assistant: Procedures are supported
  • New button in the message editor to open the process state view


    Figure 10 – Opening the process state view

  • Update Java 8 to current state

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